29 January 2016

If you’ve come to Iprug at all in the past few months (years?), it can’t have escaped your notice that attendance since we stopped doing talks has got a bit … thin. Average turnout these days is somewhere around three, which isn’t really sustainable.

I was going to suggest take a break for a bit, then maybe trying to start it up again in a different format, make more effort to come up with practical things to do, or even figure out a way of going back to talks without having to project slides onto a painting of a fox. However, thanks to an idea from Richard Astbury we now have a better plan!

Starting next month (February), we’re going to co-opt Iprug for a Suffolk Developers study group, starting with Elixir and Phoenix (combined with discussions in the #study_group Slack channel.

If you haven’t come across the language before, here are the resources some of us have already been looking at:

We’ll still be meeting in the Brewery Tap at sevenish for beer and burgers, but on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday. Keep an eye on Meetup for future meeting details.

So, that’s Thursday 11 February, from around 7pm in the Brewery Tap. Bring your laptop and we can figure out how we can all help each other to learn the next cool language See you there!

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