July meeting: change of date

30 June 2014

Sorry for the late notice, but to avoid IPRUG being the day after FESuffolk we’re going to move July’s meeting back a couple of weeks, to Tuesday 15th.

As it looks like FESuffolk and IPRUG are semi-combining, with FESuffolk (which has a better venue for talks) covering more than just front end development and IPRUG becoming more of a general developer social meetup, what do people think of moving the usual date, to spread things out a bit? Maybe just make it a fortnight (plus a day) after FESuffolk, although “15 days after the last Monday in the month” might be a bit confusing.

May meeting

06 May 2014

No talks again this month, but bring your laptops and we’ll have another go at Ruby Warrior, after abandoning it last month due to lack of burgers.

Usual time and place: tonight, 7pm for 7.30 at the Brewery Tap.

April meeting

31 March 2014

Yes, it’s April already (or it will be tomorrow), and it’s IPRUG time again. No talks this month, but something hands-on which I’ve yet to think up, so bring your laptops.

Usual time and place: April 1, 7pm for 7.30 at the Brewery Tap.


05 March 2014

Thanks to everyone who came along last night – hope you all enjoyed it despite my organisational incompetence. Here’s the example Rakefile from the talk (step through the commits to follow the refactoring).

February meeting

24 February 2014

Just over a week to go until the February meeting, and we have two talks planned. Leeky will be talking about graph databases, and Kerry will be telling you how to get the most out of rake.

Usual time and place – 7pm for a 7.30 start at the Brewery Tap (earlier if you want to sample one of their excellent burgers first).