19 October 2013

Just over a fortnight to go until the next IPRUG, and as usual I haven’t organised anything yet, so I thought we’d go for another round of lightning talks. That gives you a couple of weeks to think of something you can talk about for five(ish) minutes. No fixed format – if you want to do it [Ignite](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignite_(event) or Pecha Kucha style that’s fine, but so is a simple five-minute talk. Subject-wise, anything that’s at least tenuously related to Ruby is fair game.

As usual it’ll be the first Tuesday of the month (in this case 5 November) Also as usual, we’ll be at the Brewery Tap from about seven, with talks starting at half past (or get there earlier and partake of one of their excellent burgers).

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