05 November 2012

The next meeting is 6 November (that's tomorrow!), 7pm for 7.30 in the Brewery Tap.

As we didn't get any volunteers to talk this month we'll be having a general Q&A/hacking night – if something Ruby-related is confusing, annoying or intriguing you, come along and ask about it and hopefully someone else will have some experience and might be able to help. Failing that we can all just discuss it randomly and you'll go away even more confused :-)

Also, if you have a bit of code you'd like someone to hack on with you for a bit, bring it along and grab someone.

If all else fails, we can all just have a nice chat over a few beers!

It would be nice to have a couple of talks next month though, so start thinking about what you might be able to present, and I'll be badgering people to put their names down!

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