02 May 2012

Thanks to everyone for coming last night, we seem to be getting an excellent sized crowd in quite regularly now,we had 12 of us there last night! This is really really cool, I hope we can keep expanding and keep up the fantastic quality of talks. Speaking of which, a huge thanks to both Kerry Buckley and Pixelh8 for speaking last night, both were excellent talks and I learnt loads! Not least that I really need to take another look at IO and Clojure but that I really really want to find some old computer/toys and try some circuit bending. I might need a fire extinguisher on stand by though.

Pixelh8 has posted a blog post on his first Iprug experience here: http://pixelh8.co.uk/pixelh8-iprug/

And I hope to get hold of Kerry's rather Epic (with a capital E) slide deck soon to put on here as well. 

Next Month we will (hopefully) have myself talking about Neo4J - if I can get the thing to work and Steve Butterworth talking about 50 ways to make a computer understand natural language. It'll be on Tuesday 5th June.

See you next time!

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