09 November 2011


We now have two talks lined up for December's meet up.

Matthew Robinson has kindly proposed the following talk:

Only making right choices (Non-deterministic computation in Ruby)

What does the following code do ? How could it possibly work so it only chooses values that give a correct answer ?

def pick_two_numbers
  a = choose 1..5
  b = choose 1..5
  [a, b]

def parlour_trick(target)
  a, b = pick_two_numbers
  fail unless (a+b == target)

  puts "#{a} + #{b} == #{target}"

parlour_trick 9

And I'll be giving a talk called "Hidden Treasures of Ruby" Wherein I'll be wandering through some lesser known, but useful, parts of the Standard Library.


See you at 7:30 on the 6th December @ The Brewery Tap Ipswich.


Hello once more!

It's about time I started planning the next meetup so and I think it's about time we had some talks again, so what would you like to see? Does anyone have any suggestions? Or a talk they'd like to give?

One I'd quite like to give/see would be something along the lines of "Hidden treasures of Ruby" about things we don't often use in the Ruby Standard Library, or cunning features we don't often see as we're blinded by Rails. Would anyone be interested in this?



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