10 October 2011
Hello one and all!

The next meetup is on November the 1st so it's about time to start planning! What would people like to see? Another practical session? We could attempt the Battleships task LRUG are running tonight? Does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about?

Couple of options I was thinking of:

1) Explore some of the more "obscure" areas of Ruby, some of the crevices of the Stdlib etc.

2) A talk on the work I've done recently on the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline and how I've used it to create a white label system.

3) A bit of a play around with a library that just appeared called Hornets Eye: http://www.wedesoft.demon.co.uk/hornetseye-api/

Anyways, let me know what you think!



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