08 September 2011
The results are in! There were some hard fought (read: drawn out and badly aimed) battles, and some excellent victories! There were tears, there were shouts of rage and there was a royal rumble at the end!

So! In first place; we have:
Anders Fisher, @atleastimtrying

In Second Place; we have:
Dan Higham, @danhigham

Thanks to everyone for coming along and making it such a fun event, hopefully now we've all got a bit of experience we can try it again in a few months, and be able to not bash into the walls quite as much.


Complete Results:

== Battles == tom vs kerry: Kerry sean vs anders: Anders dan vs matt: Dan Kerry, Anders and Dan go through! kerry vs anders: Anders anders vs dan: Anders Anders is winner! kerry vs dan: Dan Dan is runner up! == Relegation == tom vs matt: Matt matt vs sean: Sean sean vs tom: Tom DRAW! (we were all equally pants!)

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