15 July 2011


So it seems that the most popular options is lightning talks! We'll follow the same format as LRUG, 20 slides each lasting a maximum of 20 seconds. So, step this way, step right up and volunteer to give a talk!

Talks so far:

@mrjaba - Backbone.js with Coffeescript

@stevewillbe - Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

@undecisive - Ray - a Ruby graphics library that can do 2d/3d graphics

@kerryb - as yet unnamed talk



Hello once again!

So the next IPRUG meeting will be as usual, at the tap and on the 2nd August (3 days before my birthday if anyone wants to buy me a pint to celebrate ;) The question as usual is what to talk about.  I really enjoyed last months Ruby Golf, I think the practical format worked really well, so I'd be very keen to try something similar again and see if we have a repeat success. The alternatives are perhaps a lightning talk evening where we do a quick round of talks 20 slides, and each must take 20 seconds, or a usual IPRUG meeting.

So, what would people prefer?

1) Coding: I was thinking either the battle robots, or perhaps a maze solving ruby golf.
2) Lightning talks
3) Plain ol Talks.

Hopefully we might see a few more people this month, so please spread the word far and wide!



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