23 June 2011

Hello! A huge thanks to Steve for running the last iprug, I hear it went down extremely well.

For the next month's it's been generally decided by a whole 3 of us, we'd like to try something new, so we'll be trying the Ruby Golf that LRUG did recently and seemed to go down a storm.

So, come along with your laptops to the brewery tap on the 5th July and we'll do some hacking!

You'll need;
Ruby 1.8.7
Rspec 1.3

See you then!



So to get this running on your laptop (In case of internet connection issues);

[code] git clone git://github.com/andrewmcdonough/rubygolf.git cd rubygolf rvm use ruby-1.8.7 bundle install rake [/code]

And this should have you up and running!

Other things you might want are;

Ruby documentation download


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