12 May 2011

Great presentation from Tom Crinson this month with a whistle stop tour of the Facebook API. Unfortunately Anders couldn't do his scheduled talk on Processing as he was pretty sick but the good news is we still have that treat to come at the June meeting. So we're looking for one more headline act to go alongside Anders and do a short talk on the 7th June. So p-p-p-please volunteer now and I'll buy you a drink! Tom is getting married this month so he won't be around for the next meeting, congrats and best wishes Tom. So I've taken over the website and twitter account for one month only.

The next IPRUG meeting will be on Tuesday 7th June at the usual venue, Brewery Tap, Ipswich. We've got the talk on Processing by Anders Fisher @atleastimtrying. It's becoming a hot topic in the web industry with processing.js and the amazing stuff Google and others are doing to enable non-Flash quality animation using hardware acceleration via WebGL and Canvas in the browser.

Hurray we've got a second talk. Matthew Bennett is going to talk about Redcar, an open source programmers text editor and how to extend it with Plugins. Thanks to Matt and Anders for offering to speak.

Agenda: Tue 7th June

7pm: Meet at The Brwey Tap and grab a beer
7.30pm: Introduction to Processing by Anders Fisher (@atleastimtrying)
8pm: Redcar Plugin Development by Matthew Bennett (@undecisive)
8.30pm: Retire to the bar for more drinks and geekery

by Steve Butterworth

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