13 March 2011

This month's meeting will take place on April 5th at 7pm at the Brewery Tap in Ipswich.

2 Speakers have now been found so we're on for another full night!

The first talk will be Dan Higham on Helping with Enginyard University, the second talk will be from Matthew Bennett who will be presenting on the Ruby-esque Mirah written by Charles Nutter. Very exciting! Thanks to both the guys for volunteering, and very much looking forward to hearing them both.

So far we have an offer of a talk from Dan Higham on Helping Engineyard with Ruby University, but we could use one more talk if anyone is willing?
If we don't have any offers or suggestions, I could always give a quick talk on writing a music visualizer in Ruby with Processing if people would find that interesting?

So, as usual 7pm come meet and grab a beer, and we will kick off at 7:30pm

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