08 November 2010
Welcome back for another instalment of IPRUG. This time we're going to do things a little different! In lieu of presentations, we're going to have us a Coding Dojo!

A Coding Dojo is a simple coding experiment where two people pair at a computer at a time for 5-10 minutes on a really simple problem and then we all move along one place. This way everyone gets to code, everyone gets to direct and hopefully everyone learns something; even if it is just how difficult coding can be under pressure!

A bit more information can be found here:

Suggestions for problems to solve can be proposed to the google group at:


I'll announce the problem a little closer to the time so we can all get a basic idea of what we'll be working on.

The Schedule:

7pm: Arrive, grab a beer.
7:30: Announce problem, grab first pair of coders.
7:35: Hack away!
8:30ish: Proceed back to the bar to drink and discuss how hard it was.


The Brewery Tap Pub, Ipswich.

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